Awaken the spirits | 愛知県豊橋市 - おんたけさん敬神大教会(コピー)

Awaken the spirits | 愛知県豊橋市 - おんたけさん敬神大教会(コピー)

Awaken the spirits

4.6 billion years has passed since the Earth was born.
5 million years has passed since the human race was born.
Originally, Spirit which made by pure and innocence can get free consciousness as same time as human race was born.
And then, each of our spirit calls “Hitodama”.


Our spirits are continuing to grow up day after day.
However, due to given free consciousness by god, our sprit become to accumulate dark and cold energies for example, hatred, grudge, jealousy, worthlessness, and sense of guilt.


Our spirit’s Original pure and innocence form is same as god and buddha’s energy.
In other words, our spirits are bright and warm energy as a love, pleasure, thanks, freedom, and beauty.


If our spirits accumulate dark and cold energies, our minds will be weak.
If the situation being continuing, we get a sick physically and our mental get a depressive disorder and neurosis.
In addition, the bad condition of our spirits will attract ghosts.


When our spirits become weak, ghosts will be gravitated toward us as a magnet.
Spirit do not possess themselves.
When the spiritual frequency matched, our spirits and ghosts will meet necessarily.


If our ethers continue to become negative one, we couldn’t spend wonderful life.


You can spend a rich and pretty good life, if your spirits return to pure, bright, and warm energies.


The words of congratulations and the power of law have the power to purify and purify the heart and the gratitude, and return to the original form.
If you can return to the original pure spirit, accidents, illness, problems, and worries will begin to disappear from your life.


In this place, we purify and purify ourselves by means of body support(身体加持).
We have prepared a video for those who can't get a cleansing directly.


I pray that your heart and spirit will be clean and your life will be fulfilled.





Body support(身体加持) Purifies the mind, body and spirit


An ancient Japanese prayer for purifying the soul.
For example, it may be ill, depressed, or spirited. In such a case, calm your mind, close your eyes, and adjust to the congratulations.


I want to help people who can't receive the exorcism directly.
Purification is also performed in this prayer.


With eyes closed, the light may appear to flicker.


At that time, reach out and draw light to your body in your imagination.
Your body feels warm and light.
You don't need to look again and again in that state.


Rather than repelling the spirits like exorcism, purifying the soul enhances nature and spirituality to make it more refreshing.
It is not exorcism.





I watched this video about twice in a row because the bondage(Every time, in the same situation, it seems to go along with the man.) was continuing.
Then the body cramped and a voice came out of her mouth with the voice of the man saying, "Uh!" There was a feeling that something was coming off.
Since then, my heart has been brightened and I am fine. Thank you very much!



I was very suffering because nausea occurs regularly.
However, when I listened to the video twice in a row, I was very well. I appreciate it very much.
I always feel sick when wearing skull clothes. Stop skull!
Thank you for a really great video.
Previously, I used it to memorialize dolls. Thank you m(__)m!



When I watch this video before going to bed, I feel good and sleepy.( ̄▽ ̄)!



I was frustrated that I was unlucky and got injured or that my mail order item was broken and arrived.
But 10 minutes after watching this video, I calmed down without any frustration.
Until I watched the video, I felt like I was riding behind my neck, but it was gone!!



I felt it reached the center of my body and mind and spread everywhere. I also felt that the impurities in the body were blown out of the body.
As a result, I felt like I was able to add new power to my body. Thank you!



When I heard it for the first time, I felt sick.
But when I heard it for the second time, my neck and shoulder weights were clearly gone!



that? My cough has stopped.
Before watching this video, I was having a hard time coughing because I listened to relaxation music.
And a little sleepy?



I was often worried with spirits.
However, when I watched this video many times, I heard the voice "Uuu?" About twice at the end, and my heavy shoulders were refreshing…
Thank you!


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